50 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Small Business Ideas for 2017

50 Small Business Ideas for 2017

50 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Do you want to start a small business in 2017? Here are 50 Small business ideas for 2017. These small businesses you can start with small investment.


  1. Wedding Consultant: Wedding consultancy is one of the best small business ideas for 2017. There are many reason for starting a wedding consultancy business. Therefore the main advantage of wedding consultancy business is small capital investment business. In addition the startup cost is low and easy to start this profitable business. The most important step to get success is publicity.
  2. Security Consultant: In the modern age security business is one of the most trending business because everyone wants security for their family and wealth. Security consultancy business is a business where you don’t need to invest any amount of money. You should have strong presentation for your business. The upper class people are the customers of this business.
  3. Social Media Consultant: Social media is the best way to increase your sales. There are many new products are coming up with new company. Every company wants to increase their sales. So Social media can help them. If you have a marketing plan or something that can help them to increase their sales. You should have very strong profile for this business.
  4. Website Development: It is another small business ideas for 2017 with small investment. Website development business can be taken as side business while you work full time. Online publicity will help you to get new customers.


  1. Computer Training: Computer training center can be your next business.


  1. Car Wash Business: Car washing business is indeed profitable small business. This business is perfect for Students and Young Entrepreneurs. There is no risk involved to this business. Publicity will help you to get more customers.


  1. Hair Salon Business: This business especially for male. Hair salon business can be run while you work full time. There’s no need to investment huge amount of money but well decoration.


  1. Poultry Farming for Eggs: Starting a poultry farming business is another small business ideas for 2017. There have huge demand of eggs in the market and its rate are highly increasing.


  1. Poultry farming business for meat: How many days you can imagine without chicken? The demand of chicken are highly increasing and there have huge opportunities to do well in this sector.


  1. Small scale Dairy Farm: A small dairy farm business can fulfill your all demand of money. A good location, good cow breeds, good foods are the key to success on daily farm.


  1. Online Newspaper Develop and Sell: It is the most important and profitable small business ideas for 2017 in this list. Online newspaper is a lucrative business while you work full time. You don’t need to invest a lot of money. Make publicity for online page and finally when you will get a lot of visitors you can sell it. There is very low risk involved in this business.


  1. Make money from YouTube: YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. There are thousands of people who are making money from YouTube. It is very easy to start but difficult to continue. You must have a lot of patience to get success. You have to maintain a schedule while you work full time. You can take it as a side business. There is no limitation of your earnings. One thing you must have follow- you have to be unique and do no copy others video.


  1. Make Money from Your Own website: Do you have a website or planning to make a website? You can make money from your own website. There are many ways to make money from a website. Affiliate marketing, banners ads, sponsor content, signup and a lot of things. Among them Affiliate marketing and Ad Sense ads are the best to make money from your own website. For example you can visit- wikihow.com. There you will see a lot of text and a lot of advertisement.


  1. Small scale Super Shop Business: Opening a grocery store or super shop can be your next dream business. The perfect location is the key to success in this business. There is required a lot of investment at the beginning and after that there no need to invest such amount of money.


  1. Article Writers: You can sell your own content or review for $5 at fiver.com. There have huge demand of this business while you are too good in English.


  1. Make a Facebook page and sell it: It is a very unique business idea with very small investment. If you have a famous page you can sell it because there is huge demand of a famous Facebook page.


  1. Local Newspaper: Online newspaper is another money making business if you can run it successful. You have to build a community and never publish any kind of false news that people don’t want to read. There are many ways to make money from your local newspaper business. The first is Local companies’ ads, second one is Google Ad Sense ads and third one is affiliate marketing.


  1. Family blog
  1. Website maintains business
  1. Video ad creator
  1. Computer repair
  1. Virtual assistance
  1. Online course creator business
  1. Affiliate marketing business
  1. Web designer business
  1. Domain re seller business
  1. Website hosting business
  1. Clothing shop business
  1. Food Blog and write review
  1. Fast Food shop business at busy side
  1. Restaurant business is a residential area
  1. Small scale coffee shop business
  1. Online advertising business
  1. Travel consultancy
  1. Ad agency
  1. Small scale garments shop
  1. Online shop for ladies products
  1. Electronic products import and export business
  1. Family need products shop business in busy area
  1. Baby and mother shop business
  1. Open a small scale gym in residential area
  1. Open a home based library
  1. Small scale grocery shop
  1. Used products buy sell business
  1. Hot dog stand
  1. Ice-cream shop
  1. Leather belt manufacturing business.
  1. Wood products manufacturing business
  1. Paper cup and plate manufacturing business
  1. Handicrafts Business.