A training center for learning cooking

How to start cooking learning center business


Investment for this business: Basically learning cooking center business in low cost business but effective business. To start this business once need $500 to $1500.

Requirements: A room for kitchen, a gas stove, electric funnel, refrigerator, oven, biter, blender, measurement cup, dishes, and different kind of fish, meat, and pans are required to start this business.

How to start: To start this learning  center you need a room, a cooking school can be made even at home. A trainer center outside home can be made also. For the kitchen room 300-400 square feet space are required. At the school different type of cooking lessons like bakery, Thai, Mughal, snacks, desserts, Indian, Chinese, microwave etc. training of cooking are given. If the owner doesn’t know all the aspects of training of cooking he can appoint efficient trainer. Publicity and advertisement must be made to get more customers. You can get money selling book of learning cooking. When someone will come in your house for learning cooking you may ask for a registration fee. After finish your customer course, you need to provide certificate of their achievement. It will increase you popularity and will help to put more customers.

Cooking learning Center

Cooking learning Center

Where you will sell: The demand of this school are increasing day by day. Some takes it as hobby. Fun loving housewives who want to earn something by learning cooking are the customers of the school.

Qualification: If you are enough skilled to teach cooking there is no need any employee. Experience and efficiency in cooking are needed. You should have good behavior to your clients.

Possible earnings: A monthly income of $300 to $600 can be made. You can earn extra money by getting registering fee. You can also charge for single course. You can also open a restaurant as a side business.


1.) Learning cooking center can be done as a home based business.

2.) Low cost business but profitable.

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