Selling Artificial Tree and Flower

Selling Artificial Tree and Flower


Investment for artificial tree and flower making business: Selling artificial tree and flower is a long time business. Its primary investment is high. To start approximately you need $3000 to $5000 to start this business.

Requirements: A shop in busy area, Different kind of small plastic flower, Different kind of tress and many other are required for this business.

How to start: First of all you need to select a space for your shop. It is important to select the place. You need to think that people will come easily to your shop. Your shop need to do well decorated. People first impression is very important factor for selling your goods. Primarily to start the business in a small way a space of 300 to 400 square meter is enough. It’s better to have a place at busy shopping malls of a town or a place close to it. The business would be started after getting the trade license. Flowers and trees of different color are available according to demand. Most of these flowers come from China. Some of them come from Taiwan and Bangladesh as well. Always try to get customer satisfaction.


artificial tree

Artificial tree Selling Business


Where you will sell: Housewives are the main buyers of these flowers. Now these flowers are used to decorate parlors, show rooms and office also.  Customers came to shops on their own to buy flowers. You can open an online shop to increase your selling. These kind of flower and tress are uncommon in online shop.

Qualification: No special quality is required for this tress and flower selling business. However the salesman should be an experienced person to increase your selling.

Possible earnings: Buying price of artificial tree is around $5 to $12$ and selling cost is $12 to $20 which that great profitable business. 400 to $600 can be made in a month.


1.) There is some demand round the year.

2.) Low risk is involved which a big advantage of this artificial tree and flower selling business.


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