Build your career as a professional blogger

Build your career as a professional blogger


There is no earning boundary for a professional blogger. Blogging is an art. If you love blogging or blogging is your hobby then you can take it as your profession. It can be ever good move for your career. There are many reason why you will be a professional blogger.


Build your career as a profession blogger

Build your career as a profession blogger

What is blog: In simple we can say that blog is a web page that works as a platform for receiving and sharing information. There is no limitation of a blog. Blog can be public or personal, corporate or private or anything. A blogger can write anything but should not write which that people don’t like.

How to start your own blog: There are two ways to start your own blog. One is paid and another way is free. There are many free blogging platforms in the market. The most famous free platform are WordPress and Blogger.

How you will pay: There are many ways to get money from blogging. Among them selling advertising is very effective. When your own blog will be ready for user with high quality article then you can apply for selling your site’s ad space. Google AdSense, Info links are popular advertising platform. As I told you before there is no earning limitation. In general a blogger get $2 per thousand page view. Your earning is completely depend how famous your blog is. Traffic is the life of any blog or site. If you write thousand post but there is no traffic for visit your site then the blog is completely valueless.  It is simple much traffic much money.

4 main reason why you should to be a blogger: There are many reason to be a professional blogger. Here is 4 main reason to be a blogger.

Low cost Business: There is no low cost business in the world like blogging. You will surprise to hear that you need to invest only $50 for domain and hosting for a year. If you use free BlogSpot site then you don’t need to invest a single cent.

To be own boss: In this blogging sector there is no boss for obey his order. You are your own boss. You are free like a bird. There is no fixed time table.

No experience required: It is the jobs where don’t need any previous experience. As it is simple to start this business and when you’re worked you will gather different experience.

No earning limit: There is no earning limit. Your earning depend how much you want. If you work hard your earning will increase. $100 to $5 Million can be earn from a single month.

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