Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh

How to Start Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh


Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh

Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh

Are you looking for Fish Farming Business in Bangladesh? Do you want to start your own fish farming business in Bangladesh? Fish farming is a definitely profitable business idea in Bangladesh. Day by day people are more interesting with this business.

Fish farming is a traditional business idea in Bangladesh. The demand of fish in Bangladesh are increasing rapidly and you can start this business with small capital.

I strongly believe fish farming is thousand time better than a bank job. Hard work is required to get quick success.

There are many reason you can start fish farming in Bangladesh. Do you know fish farming is the one of the fastest growing food production in Bangladesh? The demand of fish and fish related products are increasing highly in Bangladesh. The most interesting things that you can take it as a part time business.

Before stating fish farming business in Bangladesh you should make a business plan. You can apply for bank loan against your business plan. Some NGO are interested for giving bank loan. I strongly suggest you do not accept a big amount of bank loan. Try to start with little investment.

After making a business plan for fish farming then chose which kind of fish you want cultivate. The common fish are as follows in Bangladesh- Talapia, Rui, Katla, Mregel etc. The most farmers are cultivating Talapia, Talapia is the most growing fish and it is also profitable.

Minimum 50,000 Taka is required to start fish farming business. The fish food price are high in Bangladesh. It will be best if you can produce own fish food.

Pond management is play an important role in this business. Water should be fresh and should have sufficient sun light. Make sure you have enough source of fresh water.

20,000 to 25,000 Taka can be earn after investing 50,000 if everything is materialize well.

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