Mobile Food Cart Business

How to start Mobile Food Cart Business


Investment for Mobile Food Cart Business: Mobile food cart business can start with ways. One is buying second hand food cart and another one is buying fresh new food cart. If you want to start food business with new cart then you need about $1000 to $5000.

Requirements: A food cart which that can move one place to another place, one or two employee, food making machine and some plats and supply fresh water.

How to start: Are you thinking to start a mobile food cart business? This business is a challenging business than other but its effective idea. To start mobile food cart business, you should have some plans. At first you need to thing where your mobile shop will place for selling. Location is very important factor in this business. You need to select a busy area, it can be an office area or beside a playground. Then you need to ready your shop. It is not available in your local market. You need to place order to make your own design food cart. Designing is very important factor to get success in this business. It need to looks attractive so that people will come to see and also eat. You need to focus on food concept, what kind of food you want to sell and what will your customers like.


Food cart business

Food Cart Business


Where you will sell: You need to select a busy area like office or playground. All class of people are its customers. People who are moving one place to another place they will eat from your mobile shop.

Qualification: This business is a challenging business. You should to know about customers demand. No need any other qualification.

Possible earnings: Mobile food cart business is a profitable business. $400 to $500 can be earn as a monthly income.


1.) Mobile food cart can be move one place to other place that is big advantage for this business.

2.) Low risk involved in this business.

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