Make your home based Library


How to Start Home Based Library


Investment for this home based Library: There is no need invest too much as a primary investment. To start this business once need $2000 to $3000.

Requirements: A small house or big room for Library. Chair, Table, Light, Fan, Story book, Nobel, Magazine, Journals, and Newspaper are required for this library business.

How to start: Library is a room or set of rooms where books and other literary related materials are kept for any class of people. In simple library is a collection of lot of books. To start home based Library you should have a small house or big room. A space of 300 to 400 square feet should be enough for a small library. Prepare some bookshelves up to the wall. Nobel, Story book, Magazine, Poem, Life History, Newspaper, Journals and many other book should be offered in your library. At the side of adding new books regularly, distribute handbill and float advertisement to make the  popular. You can also open a free Facebook page to get your readers. Hidden camera and assistance will help to protect your library.

Home BasedLibrary
Home Based Library

Where you will sell: Library is a treasure house of knowledge. Who loves to read book they will come to your library. Young to old all class people will come to your library for searching knowledge. To get more readers you need to advertise in your local area.

Qualification: You should to know how to manage a library. There is no need any other major qualification. It is completely service typed business so you should have good behavior to your readers.

Possible earnings: It is really profitable business. You can charge in every month from your readers on the other hand book borrowing will give you extra money. You can charge for registration fee.


1.) As it is home based there is no cost for your  room.

2.) You have to little invest after primary investment.

3.) It can be done as a part time business.


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