How to Apply a Student Visa for Ireland


How to apply a student visa for Ireland


If you do require a student visa for Ireland, you are in right place. In this article I will explain how you will get a student visa, part-time jobs, college or university fees, living expenditure and so on.

Who need student visa for Ireland: If you are a citizen of any EU nation (UK, Netherlands Switzerland) then you don’t need student visa.  If you outside of EU nation such like- India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, South Africa, and then you need a student visa.

There are many College, University and also institution of technology who offer various subject of foreign student. There are 7 public university and 14 institution of technology and Lot of College are available in Ireland.

Top 5 University in Ireland

University Name

Location World rank

Trinity College Dublin

Dublin 71

University College Dublin



University College Cork



National University of Ireland



Dublin City University Dublin



University College Cork

University College Cork

How to apply student visa in Ireland: Like many other countries, Ireland required student visa for non EU nation. To gain student visa you need to fulfill some requirements.

  • Letter of acceptance from a College or University where you want to go. To get acceptance letter you can contract with them via email.
  • You should have good score in IELTS or TOFEL. Minimum 6.5 is required to apply a well know university. Below 6, you can apply in many college in Cork, Dublin, Limerick, and Galway.
  • After getting acceptance letter you need to send full amount of money of your tuition fee.
  • Proof of available living fund for the initial part of your study and you should have a private medical insurance and also an agreement that you will leave Ireland when your study will finish.
  • After getting all the documents you need to submit all papers to the nearest Irish embassy. They will notify you within 3-4 weeks. You should not buy air ticket before getting the visa.
National University of Ireland

National University of Ireland

Tuition fee: Tuition fee depends on your subject and institution. The average tuition fee in Ireland is approximately 6500 euro to 15000 euro.

  • Medicine related course: Euro 22000 to 350000 Euro
  • Science and Technology: Euro 8000 to 18000 Euro
  • Business Related Subject: Euro 8000 to 180000 Euro
  • Arts and Humanities Subject: Euro 7000 to 15000 Euro

Living Expenditure: You need almost 7000 Euro to stay in Ireland in a year. There are many joint family and college hostel available. You can get single room or single house for your living.

Part time jobs in Ireland: There are many part time jobs are available in Ireland. You need to apply for work permission to your college authority as a result the university or College will give you permission so that you can ask for a job. 8 Euro or more you will be paid in an hour.


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