Get Student Visa

There are some guidelines to help make your student visa successfully. In this article I tried to write how to get student visa step by step. Hopefully you will know some interesting facts.

Student visa

Student visa

Step 01: Make your passport: This is the simple step for getting student visa. You must have valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months before applying for student visa. Without passport you cannot attend for any English language course.

Step 02: English course: If you want to study like this country Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, England they required for an English course. IELTS, SAT are popular to this country. If you want to study in famous college or university they asked for good result in English course.

Step 03: Apply in your fancy college: After passing in English course you need to apply in a college or university. They will ask your previous educational background and also your recent English course. If you qualify in their college, they will send you a conditional letter that you got chance to study in abroad.

Step 04: Pay college fee: After getting conditional letter you need to send your college fee. You can pay the money by using online or bank draft. Some countries like Bangladesh, if you want to send money for student visa, you need to open student file to send college fee. When the collage authority get the money, they will send a confirmation letter that you are a student of their college and they will ask for apply visa to their embassy. Unfortunately you did not get the visa they will send the money after cutting 5% to 15%.

Step 05: Apply for student visa: To apply a student visa you need to prepare some documents. The important papers is your sponsor documents. If your sponsor is your father then you need to show his bank and his balance. It is like a condition that you are fit for studying abroad. You need to ready all the supporting papers according embassy demand. After submitting your papers the embassy will ask for an interview to prove that you are a student.

Do not buy air ticket before getting your Student Visa

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