How to start Coffee Shop Business at Home

How to start Coffee Shop Business


Home Based Coffee Shop

Home Based Coffee Shop

Do you interested to open a home based coffee shop? There is no hidden secret to a successful coffee shop. If you have a house near to road or in a busy area then you can use it as home based coffee shop. The main advantage is that there is no startup cost without furniture and coffee machine.

Coffee shop business is a cost-effective business. To start a home based coffee shop business you need to follow some simple tips.

Location: If you have a house in a busy area subsequently your startup cost become lower. The place should be in busy area and also needs to be easily accessible to customers, particularly in the morning.

Successful Business Plan: The famous coffee brand like STARBUCKS Coffee, Nescafe did not make in one day. To get success in your coffee business you must have a business plan. Who will be your customers and what is their average income, what kind of people will be your customers and so on. A successful business plan will help you

Design your shop: You should not to do more attractive like a fair. Keep it simple. You can apply music, simple decoration and ensure good service.

Select your customers: A part of your business plan you should select your customers. It will help you to decide coffee price.  According to your customers demand you can also provide some soft drinks, foods and also tea but your main focus is coffee.

Buy coffee machine: There are main kinds of coffee machine are available in the market. According to your shop size you can chose coffee machine. If you fancy yourself true barista you can use Heston Blumenthal branded monster. The price of coffee machine varies upon its size and production capacity.

Buy coffee: There are many kinds of coffee are available in the market. You should select 5 to 10 kind of coffee according to your customers demand. You should provide good quality coffee because people like coffee than money.

Put your customers first: As coffee shop is a service typed business so you should ensure a good customers service. If people get a good service with reasonable price you will arrange more customers for you. It works as a simple marketing policy.

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