How to Start Restaurant Business

How to Start Restaurant Business


How to Start Restaurant Business. How to start restaurant business in USA. How to start restaurant business in California, USA, India, Dubai, Bangladesh, UK. Read this short article and try to start a restaurant business.

Investment for Restaurant Business: It is high cost business. To start Restaurant business once need approximately $20000 to $30000. It is primary investment, if you get success from restaurant business you can enlarge your business.

Requirements: A house or room in busy and expensive area, Permission from your local authority, Well decoration, and skilled workforce are required to start Restaurant business.

How to start: Restaurant business is a risky business, but if you want get success from restaurant business you must have enough skills, business plans and mentality to do hard work. To start Restaurant business you must follow some simple steps.

Step 01: Choose a suitable location: This is very important steps to start Restaurant business. You need to choose a busy and expensive area. Compare how many Restaurant are still there and what will be effective in your local customers.



Step 02: Register your company: After selecting place you should apply for permission to start business from your local authority.

Step 03: Make it well decorated: Your Restaurant must be well decorated. Try to use simple and nature design which that customers will like.

Step 04: Select food menu: It is another important steps to select food menu. You need arrange some uncommon and delicious food.

Step 05: Hire employees: For a middle class standard restaurants, one manager, two chefs and four waiters should be appointed.

Where you will sell: Couples, Businessman, Job holders, Student are the main customers of the restaurant business. All people of every class from their interest often eat food at restaurant.

Qualification: As I told before it is risky business on the other hand it is a business that will make you rich within few years. Maintaining good behavior with customers and having a mentality of giving are required.

Possible earnings: If your shop is located at busy and expensive area $400 to $500 can be earn in a day. $10000 to $15000 can be earn as a monthly income.


  • It is a profitable business.
  • The great advantage is after big investment there is no need to invest in large amount.

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