How to start School Bag Making Business


School Bag Making Business


Investment for School Bag Making Business: It is long term business. Its primary investment is high. To start school bag making business you need around $10000 to $15000.

Requirements: A house for factory, Sewing machines, Hammers, Scissors, Yarns, Chains, Stickers, Buck lace, Eye lace, ribbons and cloths of different types are required for School bag making business.

How to start: At first you need to select a house or big room for factory. If you have extra room in your house you can use it. Making school bag is easy process. School bags of different shapes and designs are made through cutting of the cloths and sewing those in machines. Stickers, Eye lace, Buck lace, ribbons, Chain are also used. To looks attractive you need to use some classical stickers. Children like to see some Spiderman, Superman stickers in their bag. There are many bag making industry in your country. To get popularity you should maintain good quality and reasonable price. Customer satisfaction will help you to get success in this School Bag Making business.


school bag making business

school bag making business


Where you will sell: Students are the main customers in this business, but people from all walks of life use the bags. There has massive demand around the year. Any shopping mall, stationary shop keep the bags. You can supply to the online shop according their demand.

Qualification: You should to know how to make school bag without it special qualification is required. Need some experience work force for marketing.

Possible earrings: It is profitable business. $2 to $10 needed to make a bag and selling price is $5 to $25. The monthly average income is $500 to $800.


1.) Making school bag business can be done as home based business.

2.) There have huge demand all of the time in a year.

3.) There is little risk involved in this business.


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