How to Start Your Own Event Management Business

How to Start Your Own Event Management Business


How to Start Your Own Event Management Business

How to Start Your Own Event Management Business

How to Start Your Own Event Management Business. You want to start event management business? Do you want to know event management opportunities? Event management business plan.

The event management industry are increasing day by day. If you want to start your own event management company then you should have proper plan and creative mind. In this short article I will describe, how to start your own event management company.

What is Event Management: Event management is the presentation of plan management to the design and improvement of great scale events such as festivals, conference, formal parties, wedding, birthday parties, concert or convention.

Event Manager: The event manager is the person who taking responsibility for creative, technical and logistical elements, plans and execute the events. By making your own Event managements company you will be the event manager or you can hire a professional event manager.

How to start your own Event Management Business

Select your business name: Selecting a business name is very important to get popularity and it will works as a brand name. Creative and meaningful name should be taken as your company name.

Register your event management company: It is essential to register your company by knowing event management rules. You should also apply for trade license. Your company should have a bank account. You must have an office address and also visiting card with your contract details.

Who will be your clients: There are two kind of clients in this sector. One is Corporate and another one is social. The corporate clients not only companies but also nonprofit organization.


                                              Target Market
Corporate clients Social Clients

In corporate event management include trade show, convention, board meetings, and holiday’s parties and so on. In social events managements include birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, reunion and so on.

Startup cost for Event Management: You should have 1000 square feet office room. Startup cost depend on location and also how big is your company. You need minimum $8,000 and maximum is $40,000 depend on your company size.

Advertise your business: After complete all process you need advertise your business. You need spent $500 or more to advertise your business. Advertising is key to get more clients in this event management business.

Possible earing: $500 to $5000 can be earn from each program. When you will get famous then you will earn more and you will get big offer. $15000 to $30000 can be earn from each month.

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