How to make money from Home by Blogging

How to Make money from your blog


Make money from your blog

Make money from your blog


Make money from your blog. Blogging is an art. Most probably Blogging is the best the job from home. If you have patience and lot of time you can get success by writing blog. You can learn from your mistakes and your experience. Make money from your blog is hard job but if you follow these simple few steps you can get success from blogging.


Step 01: Make your home based office

To make money from your blog you should make a home based office for your work. Please do not use your living room as your office. Home based office will help you to work with official environment.

Step 02: Set your office time

After making your home based office you need to maintain office time. You should make a schedule to open and close your office room. Suppose you will work form morning 8 am to evening 6 am. Take some break in this meantime for your launch and tea break.

Step 03: Research your blog site

After that you need to research your selected blog content. What kind of article you want to write? What kind of visitor will come in your site? Before writing an article you should thing about your visitor.

Step 04: Buy a Domain Name

In the step four  to make money from your blog. you should buy a domain name. Domain name should be small but easy to pronounce. One important thing that you domain name should be meaning full. A good domain name will increase your website visitor.

Step 05: Buy Hosting Account

After selecting your domain name you should buy a hosting account. Before buying hosting account you should confirm that your hosting company have good reputation for their service.

Step 06: Design your site

After buying domain and hosting you should design your site. Site design is very important to keep your visitor on your blog. Do not make it complex. Site menu should me clear and simple so that a visitor can move one page to another page easily.

Step 07: Monetize your blog

To earn money from your blog you must be monetize your blog with an advertising network. The best advertising network is Google AdSense in the world, also you can try for info links and many others advertising platforms.

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