Make your Online Burgers Shop

Make your Online Burgers Shop


Investment for online Burgers Shop: It is low cost business. There is no need hire a house for making burgers. $400 to $1000 are required to start this business.

Requirements: Burgers, Computer with internet connection and a cycle for home delivery.

How to start online burgers shop

Burger selling business is a profitable business. It is easy to start an online shop of burger. There have few guild line to start an online burgers shop.

Make a business plan: To start an online burgers shop you must have a business plan. What kind of burgers you want to make and where you want to sell. What will be profit per burger after calculating all cost? That should be calculate before run your burgers shop.

Choose a name: As you will be sell on online, so you must choose a standard name for your online shop. People first impression is very important to get success quickly.


Online Burgers Shop

Online Burgers Shop


Build a website: Website is your selling platform. As you have no physical shop, so you need to make a smart and user friendly website. It should classified with price of your burgers. There should have a fixed price for each burger with including delivery cost.

Promote on social media: Your success also depends on how famous your online burgers shop are. You can promote your website on many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus.

Take order and make Burgers: When a customers will order a burger you need to make and quick delivery. Good customer’s service will help you to get more and more customers.

Where you will sell

There is no limited customers. Every burgers loving people its customers. You should choose an area for home delivery service.


You must know how to make a burger. You should have a good relationship with your clients to get more order.

Possible earnings

Making cost of a Pizza Burger is about $2 to $3 and selling cost is $6 to $10. In every month $500 to $1500 can be made.


1.) There is no need a house or shop for selling burgers as it is online business.

2.) There is no risk involved to this burgers selling business.

3.) Two or three people is enough to maintain an online shop

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