5 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Website

Make your own website step by step


Did you spent too much money for making website with a designer? You do not need to be expert in web design or have widespread technical capability in order to make your own website.

Make Your Own Website

Follow these simple step to make your own website.

Step 01: Select a Domain Name: Electing your website domain name is very important step for your website. It is important to select a name that is attractive and not too lengthy.  The name should describe what it is you are trying to define in terms of your brand or idea. The domain name should look simple and it is your business name. You should use unique name for your website. There are many option available to register your domain name.

make your own website

Make your own website

Step 02: Select a Web Hosting Company: It is another important steps to make a website. Your site can not launch until this step is achieved. There are many hosting company around with us but all are not effective. If your business begins to grow, your traffic is going to increase. You should choose well reputed hosting company. You should always have the future in mind.

Step 03: Make your own website:  In general there are two types of website. One is static HTML and other one is Dynamic Website. Dynamic website are those like WordPress and Joomla. If you want to avoid code then WordPress is the best example. Without that there are various options available. If you plan on selling service or a product, you will need to make an ecommerce website.

Step 04: Use WordPress to make Your Own Website: WordPress can be used for all types of website not only blogging. WordPress will make you a designer. There are lot of free theme are available. If you want to change your theme, you can update changes instantly.

Step 05: Design your site: Designing is an art. There are many website owner who spent lot of money for their site but did not get suitable design. Design is completely depend on you. Your navigation should be direct and clear. You should keep your website simple in terms of its design. You can connect your website to social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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