Make Your Mug Printing Business

Make Your Mug Printing Business


Investment for Mug printing business: It is low cost business. $500 to $800 is enough to start this business.

Requirements: You will need an investment in materials, time and equipment. White ceramic mug, transferring paper, Heat transfer machine, printer are required.

How to start: First of all you need to buy a mug printing machine which that available in your local market. The price of mug printing machine is less than $250. If you want to print Mug, Cap, Plate, and many other ceramic then you need to invest about $400 to buy full set of machine. After buying mug printing machine you need to buy a good quality printer which that print your customer design on heat transfer paper. Heat transfer paper is a paper like A4 size which that transfer heat in ceramic mug by mug printing machine. After buying all equipment you need to advertise your service. You can open a free Facebook page to promote your service. If you can arrange home delivery service that will help you to get success in mug printing business.

mug printing
Mug printing Business

Where you will sell: It is an uncommon gift item. People will order their design and you need to print according to their demand. You need to target some audience like Students, Part time workers, Hobbyists, Stay at home parents, Disabled people, People looking to turn a hobby into an income.

Qualification: You need to know how to print on ceramic mug. There is no need any other major qualification. As it is service typed business so you should have good time management to manage your clients.

Possible earrings: It is very profit able business. The making cost of a mug is about less than $3 on the other hand its selling price is about $6. That means it double profit business. $250 to $300 can be made in a month.


1.) Mug printing business is low cost business.

2.) Mug printing business can be done as home based business.

3.) Mug printing business is a double profit business.

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