Make paper bags and shoe box making business

Paper bags and shoe box making business


Investment for this business: Making paper bags and shoe box making business is low cost business which that suitable for a student. It can be done from home. To start this business once need approximately $250 to $400.

Requirements: A house or room which that can be rented or personal, Soft paper board, Big scissors, Wood sticks, Thin ropes, Papers, steal frying pan and glue.

How to start: At first you need a house or room for making paper bags and shoe box. It is easy to make paper bags and shoe box. To make shoe box, the soft papers boars are to be cut into 2 feet by 2 feet after cut the paper make shoe box using the glue. To add beauty, the outer side can be covered by colored papers. There are two parts in a shoe box: one is the box, other is the cover. Boxes are made to match the sizes of the shoes.

Paper bags

Paper bags

For making paper bags, grey colored papers are to be collected first. This paper are available near your market. Cut those in different shapes and use glue to prepare the packets. Using pieces of paper boards will make the lower part stronger. Two thin ropes can be attached in two sides to make the packets easy to carry.

Where you will sell: You or your assistance must go to the shopkeeper for selling bags. When everybody knows you they will come to collect from your house. As polythene bags are not environment friendly, people now prefer paper bags and packets. The demand is high among medicine shops, confectionery, grocery shops and shopping malls village or town.  The demand for shoe boxes is everywhere in the country. You can supply in shoe making companies.

Qualification: No special talent. You can take 2 to 5 days of training from a skilled technician will help you to make paper bags and shoe box.  Also can run the business employing workers.

Possible earnings: A total 100 paper bag will cost $2 to$3. The selling price ranges from $5 to $8. It is low cost business but profitable business. $150 to $200 can be earn in a month.


1.)It can be done as a home based business.

2.) It is low cost business and risk free.

3.) No need qualification to start this business.

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