Parcel Delivery Business in Your City

Parcel Delivery Business in Your City


Investment for parcel delivery business: It is very low cost business but profitable. There is no need invest more. $900 to $1800 is enough to start parcel delivery business.

Requirements: A bicycle, a room for office and a cycle driver who will go door to door with parcel.

How to start: You are living in a busy city?  Where every people are busy with their works? If so parcel delivery business can be a profitable business. It is easy to start a parcel delivery business. There are few steps to start a parcel delivery business. The main concept of this business is you must have an office room in a busy area. People will come to your office for sending parcel to the other corner of your city. You have postman who will help you to send parcel. You should select a busy commercial area for your office. One or two employee need to appoint. You parcel delivery business will only in a cities. In future you can run your business enlarge. You need to print some business card to remember your service.

Where you will sell: In general people are busy with their work. They cannot go each other with some gifts. You work is collect parcel by them and distribute accordingly their address. Advertisement needed to get more customers for your parcel delivery business


Parcel Delivery Business

Parcel Delivery Business


Qualification: As it is a business with service as a result need a good relationship to your clients. One or two employee needed for your assistance. No need any educational background for this business. You need to know how to convince people for any dealing.

Possible earnings: It is profitable business with low cost investment. $500 to $1000 can be earn in every month.


1.) Parcel delivery business is low cost business.

2.) Do not need invest more time.

3.) There is no risk in parcel delivery business

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