Photo Binding Business is a Home Based Business

Photo Binding is Home based Business


Investment for photo binding business: It is low cost business. It can be done as a home based business. To start binding business once need $500 to $800.

Requirements: A room or a shop, frame, glass, steel wire gauge and some equipment’s are need to start this binding business.

How to start: photo binding business can be done as a home based business. On the other hand a shop has to be opened in place accessible and close to market or a busy area. Photo binding business is an art. It is easy to bind a photo. You need to buy frames from dealers at a wholesale rates. People will come your shop and they will place order according to their demand. You should have all kinds of frames size so that customers can decide their photo size. A photo is very important to your clients that why they came to you for binding. You need to know importance of a photo. You should not demand too much money. Should have your shop name and also a visiting card so that people can catch you easily. If you want photo binding business as a home based business then advertisement will make lot of customers.



Where you will sell: House, office and even in some business house now we see photo frame. Luxurious people are its clients. Some house wives also its customers.

Qualification: You should to know how to make photo frame. Should good behavior to your customers. One or two employee need to be appoint.

Possible earnings: Making of one photo frame is average below one dollar, on the other hand selling price is about two dollar to five dollar according to size. $150 to $300 can be earn as a monthly income.


1.) Photo binding business can be done as home based or outside of home business.

2.) Setup cost is low and earnings is high.

3.) There is the some demand all the time of the year

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