How to Start Small Grocery Shop in Bangladesh

Start Small Grocery Shop In Bangladesh


How to Start Small Grocery Shop in Bangladesh

How to Start Small Grocery Shop in Bangladesh


Are you looking for a Business ideas in Bangladesh? Do you want to start a small Grocery shop business in Bangladesh? If yes, you are in right place. I suggest you to continue this small article on “Grocery or Super shop business in Bangladesh”

Small super shop business or Grocery business indeed profitable business ideas in Bangladesh. To start this business in Bangladesh you should think and re-think about all the module of this business.

The key to success in this business is location. A perfect location is the golden rules of Grocery shop business in Bangladesh. In general a super shop business is based on a particular area. Make sure you have sufficient customers in you areas and try to understand their level.

Make a business plan. Before stating super shop business in Bangladesh make a business plan. Ask some question yourself and write on. At first, where you want to start your business? How large you shop will be? How much money you want to invest in the primary stage? Who will be your potential customers? What is their economic condition? Why people will come to your shop? Is there any competitor of your business? You should find out these answers and write a note.

Grocery shop is a serious business. In my own point of view, if you want to start a small super shop business you must invest minimum 20 Lacks. Actually it depends on your location. As I mention earlier location is the key to success in this business.

If it is possible you should talk that person who have this business. Ask how they are running and what should to do and what not.

Make sure you have all kinds of products in your shop when customer’s needs. Respect all customers in same eyes. Decoration will make you sales quickly. Hire some experience people in this business.

All the best!

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