Tee Shirts Business on Online

Investment for tee shirts business: It is mainly low cost business for a student. Setup cost is around $400 to $600.

Requirements: Tee shirts, a computer or laptop with internet connections, one or two workforce for home delivery service.

How to start: Tee shirts business is a profitable business. It is easy to start this business by following some guild lines. At first you need to buy good quality tee shirts from wholesale market with low price. You must ensure that your products is quality full. Tee shirts is comfortable dress for all class people. After buying goods you need to take few picture and need to publish in your Facebook page. There are many website where you can add your post. You can also show your products to your friends. After publishing your goods people will call you for tee shirts. You need to have a home delivery service to get popularity. If you can print customized tee shirts for your customers, you will earn more.


tee shirts

tee shirts business on online


Where you will sell: There are lot of people who are using internet. You need to publish more and more free post about your tee shirts on social media. Social media is your selling platform. Boys are girls are its main customers. Summer season is the best time for selling tee shirt. Your popularity will increase upon your advertisement.

Qualification: You should have computer with internet connection. A camera or mobile taking photo of your goods. One or two salesman who will go door to door with a tee shirts.

Possible earning: You will buy tee shirt from wholesale market where one piece tee shirt is around $1 to $3 and selling price is about $3 to $5. In a month $250 to $300 can be earn.


1.) It can be done as a home based business which that a big advantage.

2.) There is no risk to this business.

3.) Tee shirts selling business is demanding business around the year.

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