The shop of mothers and baby products

How to start mothers and baby products selling


Investment for this business: The mothers and baby products selling business is a profitable business. To start this business once need nearly $5000 to $8000.

Requirements: A shop in a busy area, well decoration, trolley, mobile bag, flasks, feeder, water pot, toys, milk, baby food, nipple, nail cutter, towels, and necessary products of mothers required at the time of delivery and after delivery tumble belt, babies toy, babies food and many kinds of products.


Mothers and baby products selling business

Mothers and baby products selling business


How to start: You need to select a shop in a busy residential area to get popularity. The location of the shop must be selected with very important. After selecting area you need to choose a meaning full name of your shop. You need to apply for trade certificate from your local government. If the shop is prepared, the product should buy from wholesale. Always try to keep good quality products, which will help you to get popular to your customers. There are huge demand in your markets because it is uncommon business. You need to appoint some employee for your mothers and baby products selling business. Before starting the business the bag and the visiting card named with the name of the mothers and baby product selling business (Your shop) name must be made. As it is demand able business you must not demand too much money. When every task is completed the business can be started.

Where you will sell: Around the hospitals and busy shopping malls is the best place for selling mothers and baby products selling business. Pregnant woman and little kinds and its main customers.

Qualification: No other special qualification are needed. One should to learn how to maintain good relationship with your customers.

Possible earnings: Selling mother’s products and baby products are demanding business. $500 to $800 can be earn as a monthly income.


1.) It is profitable business.

2.) No risk involved in this business.

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