How to write a CV

How to write a CV


Now a days to get any job you must write a CV.  You are an educated person but don’t know how to write a useful CV. No problem in this article I will explain what is it and how to write.

What is CV?

The full meaning of CV is Curriculum Vitae.  It is a summary of your skills, education and work experience. A CV is the most flexible and suitable way to make job applications.

What information should have in a useful CV?

How to write a CV

How to write a CV

Contact details: This is very important stage in a CV.  There should have your full name, full present address, your valid mobile number, and your email address. Your email address should look professional, use your name in your email address. Do not use batman, Spiderman, superman, thinker, specialist in your email address.

Work experience: If you have any work experience you should include in your CV. If you have many experience then you should include the last one in the first. Work experience can be internship, voluntary roles or any previous jobs. Work experience is the important point.

Education: After include work experience you should explain your education background. Place the most recent highest up the page. If you have any short course which that related to your job you can include in your CV.

Skills: It is one of the important part of a CV. For example, the ability to work in a team, manage people, customer service skills or specific IT skills.

Reference: You can mention two people in your CV who can provide positive comments on your employment or experience. Do not provide fake people you are not known to you. You can provide your University teacher, your previous boss, doctor, banker, or anyone who are known to you and they will give you good comment about you.

Do I list education background or work experience first?

That is important question. If you have any work experience then you should include in first and if you recent graduate and don’t have much relevant work experience then it will be best to begin with your education.

It is important to include your hobbies in your CV?

It is not so important to include your hobbies in your CV. But sometime it will be necessary your hobbies to include in your CV. An example might be volunteering as a sports coach then it will be best include your hobbies.


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